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who we are

we're those extra hours you need at the end of the day

Do you find that you're never able to get to the things you want to do for your company because you have your hands full with all of the things you have to do for your company? Whether it's starting that employee training program, maintaining your website, taking your first plunge into design-build, or anything else on your wish list that takes extra attention, you're too busy acquiring new work and keeping on top of your existing work to be able to get to those items. If this sounds like you, PerkinsTaylor can help.

we're your project management toolbox

It takes time to write that site-specific safety plan. It takes expertise to create a customized project management system to reflect your unique business. It takes experience to develop standard procedures for your first foray into design-build project delivery. Whatever your evolving needs, if you need to develop new tools, PerkinsTaylor can help.

we're your flexible staff

In good markets and in bad, it's always a challenge to determine if that little extra work warrants hiring a new employee. Or, if that new project that requires a special skill warrants making a new hire to fulfill that requirement. If your company has temporary or marginal needs, PerkinsTaylor can help.

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